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raving doesn’t feel like what it used to be before. not that i expect something to stay the complete same over the years, but any rave i go to now, i barely see or feel much of the peace, love, unity, and most of all, respect between a raver and another raver. it’s just an extremely shitty feeling…

Microsoft Conference: Videos galore!

Shameless self-promotion <3


Here are videos of all the games I talked about in my other post. Hope you guys will be as excited as I am for these games after seeing these! :]

Modern Warfare 3

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Still under construction, but its up and running now!

So, my friend Chris and I have started our own gaming blog! 

There is a main blog where we’ll be posting update announcements for the other blogs, as well as other topics we haven’t decided on yet. But you can also follow any, all, or none of the others. Each blog has links that redirect to the other blogs, but we’d prefer it if you guys followed the main one. :]

We really liked the layout, but it only allowed us to redirect to other pages, rather than creating categories for posts and all this bullshit. Thus, the multiple blogs. We’re hoping this works to our advantage, like if some people only want to follow our Sony blog, or our Nintendo blog, etc. Either way, I like the way we have it organized and we hope you guys will too! :]

Please follow and support us! Thank you<3


My new baby! &lt;33 She&#8217;s an Unnamed Beauty for now :3

My new baby! <33 She’s an Unnamed Beauty for now :3

Day 2 of E3

I know I’m lagging it, but I’ll try to have everything posted by tomorrow. :) Also, FUCK YEAH, NINTENDO. That’s all I’ll say right now. Fuck yeah. :)


Oh, Charlie…  画


Oh, Charlie… 

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E3 2011: Microsoft Conference

Day 1 of E3 2011! I don’t want to spoil things for anyone and to be honest, these trailers and gameplay demos should be viewed for yourself. BUT! I’ll be posting information released about each of the games today.  Gametrailers.com & Kotaku.com = E3 Heaven. Anyway, here you go :]

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Day 1 of E3

Just finished watching the Sony Conference, but I missed the first 30 minutes-ish :T Lots of stuff to post, I’ll try to get it all done tonight :]